Second Chance Home

House of Dawn’s Second Chance Home provides a stable and loving home under adult supervision and a highly trained staff to teen age mothers ages 13 to19 and their children at risk for potential homelessness, physical, psycho-emotional and sexual abuse.

Each young mother will benefit from childcare, educational, and recreational opportunities, parenting education, employment skills, as well as mental and physical health services. Preparation for post secondary education and vocational training will be the thrust of the program to prepare these young women for independence, self sufficiency, and to become effective parents capable of rearing strong families.

Children of the young mothers are offered a chance to get ahead of the curve. They are provided a safe and supportive place to grow. The medical, nutritional, and developmental care that our program ensures allows children to thrive. The support of our experienced staff encourages bonding, and supports healthy relationships between mother and child.

The mothers in this program have made a conscious decision to parent their child and have a strong desire to learn how to do that.

House of Dawn was created to: 1)  serve adolescent mothers and their children who are in need of residential services, 2) to help prevent homelessness, and 3) maintain physical unification of families.

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