Young mothers hold our future in their hands…

so we hold theirs

Stay Informed & Discover Ways  You Can Help…

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Stay Informed & Discover Ways  You Can Help…

Our Mission is to 1) provide a stable, loving, home for young mothers and their children under adult supervision and  2) to provide young mothers with the educational opportunities and the life training skills that they will need to become independent, self-supporting women.

“…all of the life skills that I needed in order to be successful and independent.”

I was 17 years old and 8 months pregnant.  Having no family or friends to turn to, I found HOD.   During my time in Second Chance I graduated from high school with the help of my case manager in May 2010.

They provided me with food, shelter, transportation, and access to education. House of Dawn cared about me as a person, not just a mother. I learned how to maintain positive relationships, how to bond with my daughter Akayla and all of the life skills that I needed in order to be successful and independent.

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” …I completed things that once seemed so far out my reach; my G.E.D and enrolled in college.”

I was young, pregnant, depressed and homeless. I had no one to help me and get me on the right path. My mother had been gone for years, and I knew little about parenting.  But when I entered the House Of Dawn, I was given a fresh start. Not only did the House of Dawn welcome me in, they prepared me for life.

While in the House Of Dawn I completed things that once seemed so far out my reach. I completed my G.E.D and enrolled in college. I am now a full-time student at Georgia Perimeter College.

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The poverty rate for children born to teen mothers who have never married and have not graduated from high school is 78 percent.
Without Help…
  • Only 1/3 of GA pregnant teens graduate from high school
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    50% higher risk of low weight births and related medical issues
  • In 2010, 55,500 or 80.5% of unplanned births in Georgia were publicly funded, compared with 68% nationally.
Our Program…
  • All of our participants earn their high school diploma, most go further
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    Provides a safe, stable, environment to support healthy births
  • No recurrences of teen pregnancy with our participants

Your donations transition young women and their families from hurting to thriving.
Help us create safe, stable, and confident futures for our most vulnerable.

Your support makes the following and more possible…
Second Chance Home

serves teen mothers ages 13-19 and their children that are in state custody or experiencing homelessness in a congregate living arrangement under 24-hour adult supervision.

Transitional Housing Program

serves  young mothers ages 18-24 and their children, who need supportive housing assistance in furnished apartments.

Independent Living Program

serves young mothers ages 18-21 and their children in a congregate living arrangement that fosters greater independence.

Latest Updates

Capital Campaign Update Your support has brought in a total of $136,987 towards us owning our Transitional Home Program Facility.

We’re on a mission to own our Transitional Home Program Facility free and clear.   This allows us to focus our resources on helping young families succeed versus paying interest.   We still have $282,013.24 to go, but with your support of any amount, we’ll reach that goal even sooner.   All funds from last and this year’s charity event go towards the capital campaign to pay off the THP facility.

New Fundraiser Video
Check out the new video for the Great Gatsby Experience.   Together we raised money to help young mothers and their children succeed for life.
Consignment Program

Turn your clutter and discarded items into a brighter future for young mothers.

Business of the Week
This week (6/27/17), House of Dawn (HOD) was recognized as Business of the Week by the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce.

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